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Crooked River Coffee Company

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Coffee is art. It’s connection. And culture. Crooked River meandering through mountains
It’s Brazil. Ethiopia. Costa Rica.
Coffee is spiritual.
It’s ritual.

Coffee is the fruit of the earth and the sky—the seed of civilization. At least, that’s how we feel about it at Crooked River Coffee Company.

Since 1991 we’ve custom roasted all coffees to order to maximize freshness and your cupping satisfaction. Further, whenever possible our coffees are procured from small farms or estates with socially and economically progressive policies. So when you buy from us you can be confident that at the same time you’re pleasing your palate you’re doing the most to support the world’s hard working coffee farmers.

Crooked River Coffee – sowing the seeds of civilization, one cup at a time.

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  • learn how Crooked River Coffee can become a unique revenue center in your venture
  • offer an authentic specialty coffee grown sustainably with social and economic justice for farm workers
  • provide a new line of distinctive flavor in your restaurant
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