Crooked River Coffee Company

Roasting only specialty coffees since 1991.

Crooked River Coffee Company® is the Midwest’s premier roaster and distributor of fine coffees and related products. We serve as both supplier and consultant to independent and specialty grocers, restaurant, food service and coffeehouse clients who want to offer their customers the finest cup of coffee available anywhere.

We offer specialty grade, shade-grown, bird-friendly, and fair-trade. We are proud to be entrepreneurs in an activist venture enhancing the lives of millions of coffee consumers and farmers worldwide.

We are the only specialty roaster in Northeast Ohio without a retail store.  So its likely you won’t regularly read about us in weekly food blogs or newspapers articles about coffee stores.

Our underlying philosophy is to offer unique origin-country flavor profiles in our just-roasted specialty coffees.

Simple Truths About Coffee and Quality

We are a genuine specialty coffee roaster concentrating on the relationship between coffee and quality. We’re focused on four simple truths required to produce a uniquely great product.

What is the relationship between quality beans and great coffee? The proof is in the cup. You can taste it, see it and smell it.

Consumers can see through “hype.” Hype is labeling a coffee “gourmet” to compensate for an inferior product, like a green-crop coffee that has been dark-roasted to mask its imperfections. You won’t find hype at Crooked River Coffee—just great beans for a perfect cup.  No commodity or trendy cult coffees here.

Grandpa was right: you get what you pay for,and so do your customers. When you buy custom roasted select grade coffee from us you get the best beans around roasted just right. And you don’t pay for a lot of big company overhead.

Businesses succeed when they do things better.  As boutique roasters with a select clientele, we focus on locating and procuring small lots of specialty grade coffee that will attract and retain new customers for you.

Our Approach to Fine Coffee

Viewed together, our reflections underlie our selective approach to fine coffee. We actually do what most other folks don’t or can’t do. Buy the best origins, even pay a little more when justified. Roast fresh upon order – there’s none staling in a warehouse awaiting shipping orders. Roast each bean separately in small batches to optimize varietal characteristics. Ship same day as roasting.

Obviously, you can tell we are somewhat unconventional. We tend to look beyond slick, omnipresent marketing practices without accompanying cup quality. We presume you will too, and explore for yourself the simple truths we’ve embraced. That accomplished, we’ll work with enterprising coffee distributors who seek a discerning clientele.

Crooked River Coffee Company® is small enough to offer personalized service, big enough to have diverse market exposure, experienced enough to know that your organization requires attractive point-of-sale materials and ongoing support. And secure enough in our philosophy to remain focused on roasting great coffee.

Coffee and Community

Because we believe we have a responsibility to do justice for our local, national and international communities, we have supported the following organizations in recent years: Alzheimer’s Association Cleveland Area Chapter, Autism Speaks,        Christ Episcopal Church, Cleveland Botanical Garden, Countryside Conservancy, Doctors Without Borders, Family Connections, The Gathering Place, Grounds for Health, Holden Arboretum, The Housing Center, Second-Hand Mutts, Coffee Kids, Laurel School, and Windsong, Cleveland’s Feminist Chorus.